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“Mr Legend ft slow dog- love u my baby.mp3” – DOWNLOAD

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R Jay Arrested at Beverly Wilshire Hotel

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via Perez Hilton

“Ray J was arrested in Beverly Hills on Friday night after a fight got nasty at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel!

The 33-year-old musical artist was reportedly asked to leave by the hotel, but wouldn’t so the cops came to remove him.

Then things got outrageous!

The Po-Po questioned Ray J and a woman, then he was taken into custody where he kicked out one of the police car windows while handcuffed!!!

So, in all, Ray J was arrested for vandalism, resisting arrest, and trespassing, as well as battery for spitting on a policeman!

What could have possibly gotten into this guy?!?”

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MR Legend ft Hype Mc _ Rain On You

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Brand new from Mr legend ft hype Mc_rain on u.mp3″ Download here


Lyrics: I’m the boss a’ma make it rain on you.

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To Racism

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When I looked at the world through your ignorant eyes
I couldn’t believe that you were still alive
I despise you
You told me your world was all black and white
You spoke of a war, holy and right
I wonder from where you get all these lies
You bragged about your big fight
About all the blood shed on your knife

I just had to tell you

Why won’t you do us a favor and just end your life
You truly are the most repulsive being
I have ever met
Who wants to live with a mind of no color
For when I see the world through your ignorant eyes
I can’t believe you haven’t killed yourself yet

~ Lmrd

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Be a Food Lover

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy

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This weekend, Edge of Tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt is released. The film, about an alien invasion that requires Cruise to die repeatedly in a loop, has been gathering a huge about of positive press and looks set to make a mark on the box office.

I must admit, many months ago,when first seeing the trailer I thought it was proof of a complete lack of originality in Hollywood science fiction and told anyone that would listen that it was going to be nothing but a Frankenstein’s Monster of The Matrix, Source Code, District 9 and Groundhog Day. I would cynically declare that the only thing it would be good for is demonstrating the phenomenon of Tom Cruise looking younger than he did in Minority Report, twelve years ago, whilst his leading ladies stayed the same age. I had made up my mind about Edge of…

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2014 World Cup Previews, Group A: Brazil
Team: Brazil
Group: A
Schedule: June 12 vs. Croatia; June 17 vs. Mexico; June 23 vs. Cameroon
World Cup Record: 67-15-15 (Winners, 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002)

The Big Lead

Soccer: Friendly-Brazil vs Honduras

Team: Brazil
Group: A
Schedule: June 12 vs. Croatia; June 17 vs. Mexico; June 23 vs. Cameroon
World Cup Record: 67-15-15 (Winners, 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, 2002)
Qualifying Form: N/A

Manager: “Big Phil Scolari,” a man with a plan … and a mustache. To quote my father, a noted international soccer pundit/expert: “He looks like a coach.” Yep, dad, he can certainly do that considering he led Brazil to their fifth title in 2002.

Luiz Felipe Scolari Announces Brazilian Squad for 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil - Press Conference

Player to Watch: Neymar. It’s a rote pick, but he’s exciting and the new face of Brazilian soccer. The cameras are going to be pinned on him the entire tournament and there’s a serious chance he’ll proverbially undress an opponent at least once each match. The “home soil” advantage might not ring true to many players in the National Team since they’ve rarely played competitive matches on home soil over the last four years without needing to play qualifiers. Neymar…

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World Cup 2014 Previews, Group A: Cameroon
Team: Cameroon
Group: A
Schedule: June 13 vs. Mexico; June 18 vs. Croatia; June 23 vs. Brazil
World Cup Record: 4-9-7 (Best Finish: Quarterfinals, 1990)

The Big Lead


Team: Cameroon
Group: A
Schedule: June 13 vs. Mexico; June 18 vs. Croatia; June 23 vs. Brazil
World Cup Record: 4-9-7 (Best Finish: Quarterfinals, 1990)
Qualifying Form: Won African Qualifying Group I, then defeated Tunisia in two-leg playoff.

Manager: Volker Finke, a well-traveled 66-year-old German.

Player to Watch: Stéphane Mbia. Mbia was one of Harry Redknapp’s numerous high-priced flops at QPR last season. In an attempt to lower their wage bill, Mbia was loaned out to Sevilla, where he’s blossomed and helped the Spanish club win the Europa League. Mbia didn’t feature prominently in qualifying, but based on form deserves to crack the Cameron lineup.

Tactics/Style: Hard to gauge. Evergreen Samuel Eto’o will play somewhere in the starting XI, potentially wide which given his declining pace wouldn’t be very smart. Alexandre Song and Eyong Enoh will anchor the midfield. Cameroon are another African team plagued by the lack of a…

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