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The Rising Star

A child’s performance socially, academically and in other areas, depends on his confidence.  It is important to understand how parents, guardians and carers of children can help boost their confidence.  As we work to grow ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’, this too is an area for concern and enlightenment.

“For me, confidence building starts from the first second after birth” says Uchenna Nwosuigbo, Child Education Counsellor.  “One of the first things to achieve in the first year is ‘basic trust in the environment’.  In the first two weeks of life, the child needs to trust this new environment that he finds himself in.  So whenever the child cries (as that’s a major means of communication for him), he should be attended to.  This makes him feel secure”

“Breastfeeding is one activity that encourages mother and child communication and bonding” Uchenna continues.  “When a mother breastfeeds her child, she should focus on the…

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