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So,after d release of a dope single titles THANK GOD RELOADED’ by Mr Legend ft Chidoski which was named best song for d week online.. D HML Music Family President Mr Legend is back with a life transforming single titles NO LOVE NO PEACE ft ALLSTARS. Which according to him, is a peace campaign song.. Produced by RITZY_B. The song is very lovely and catchy….. Download and enjoy….

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Igbotic Vibes

GOLDA C - JUICE 2000 X 2000

Finally it’s here again, Golda C a.k.a Mizzy Lover the Eastern Shawama goddess returns to mesmerize us with her new single titled “Juice” produced by Collinso of Studio One Classic.

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Links I Liked

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Rachel Strohm


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  • Why are so many African flags red, yellow and green? It may be connected to Ethiopia’s successful resistance to colonialism (although Ken Opalo raises other posibilities in the comments)

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Where is Wakanda?

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Rachel Strohm

I saw Captain America: Civil War earlier this month, and since then I’ve been pondering a question that unites my interests in Africa, maps, and Marvel movies: where is Wakanda?  In the comics, the country appears to move around the Sahel, presumably depending on whoever’s drawing it.  Julian Chambliss has a great overview of Wakanda’s surprising mobility, featuring a 1500+ mile move in just two years.


The latter map is closer to the image of Wakanda shown briefly during a news broadcast in Captain America.


I produced a clean version of this image in Google Maps.  It appears that the MCU’s Wakanda occupies a decent part of northern Kenya around Lake Turkana, plus bits of South Sudan and Ethiopia as well.


Because I’m fond of this type of counterfactual, I found myself wondering: what might this iteration of Wakanda really look like, if the basic story…

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Early 20th century masthead of the Central African Times, now the Daily Times, one of the longest running newspapers in Malawi

Daniel Kopf of Priceonomics put an interesting question to me recently: which stories about African economies don’t get the news coverage they should?  I thought of a number, and also Storified some great responses I got on Twitter.  What would you add to this list?

  • The Continental Free Trade Area has the potential to be the biggest trade deal that no one’s heard about.  I read African news constantly and I hadn’t heard of it before last week.  Where did this come from, and what are its prospects?
  • I’m quite interested in the expansion of both rail infrastructure and air travel.  Rail transport is much cheaper than road, particularly for the bulky commodities that get traded regionally or exported, but it seems like governments are more…

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Links I liked

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Rachel Strohm

Cn41OAvXgAA2tJjThis and other interesting graphs to be found at the new African Visual Data site

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One of my personal goals for the next year of my research is to learn the basics of a widely spoken language in each of the four countries I’m visiting.  (A minimal step, admittedly, but I’m only spending 2 – 3 months in each place and won’t have time to work towards greater fluency.)  I’ve been pleased to see that the online resources for learning African languages have greatly improved since I first tried to do this with Kinyarwanda in 2008.  Here are some of the most useful ones I’ve found.

Chinyanja (Zambia)

Luganda (Uganda)

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HiphopSouth | Watch Us Bring It On

With Young D on the boards, Bobby Press calls upon the services of JayRu and Slim Burna for this club-ready new jam titled Some More.

DJ Bobby Press – Some More f. JayRu & Slim Burna (Prod. Young D)

DJ Bobby Press – Some More f. JayRu & Slim Burna (Prod. Young D) [alt]

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